An Easy Way To Retrieve Partition Information?

A disk storage is partitioned to accomplish various benefits in user as well as system trait. With this, there arise certain situations where disk partition is susceptible to losses and damages. The reasons for partition loss differ in many ways. Some commonly found causes include-

  • use of unreliable third party apps to partition the drive,
  • incomplete and incorrect disk format process, partition deletion,
  • disoperation during portioning procedure with disk management tool
  • file system conflicts and other logical errors etc.

Under such situations, the entire partition data appears to be missing or inaccessible. If such partition does not contain vital content then there is much to bother about (also if backup is maintained). On the other hand, if disk contained some useful information then restoring drive partition sounds to be a headache to many. In worst case, all the disk partitions face damages making them completely inaccessible. Upon reaching such stages users merely ask that “is there a way to retrieve partition information

Solution do exist: Even if hard disk partition appears to be non-existing after deletion or loss incidents, the data still resides in the same storage location. With further system usage after partition deletion, OS writes new data over that storage space. As long as data is not overwritten on it by some other data, the partition information can be fetched using relevant approaches.

Follow genuine methods to regain partition data: There is no such tools exist within Windows or Mac OS that can directly retrieve disk data. Certain programs are available; be clever in using a right tool because some third-party from untrusted sources are bound to cause some irreversible damages. For safe partition restoration, simply rely on Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software.

An ultimate partition recovery utility

Yodot application is featured with a well-built set of algorithms for efficient data recovery from hard drive and other storage disks. Many users find this to be a handy tool for all disk data recovery purposes.

Major functionalities:

  • Recovery from partition corruption, partition errors
  • Restore data after formatting and reformatting operation
  • Data from disks with bad sectors
  • Restore data during MBR corruptions
  • File system errors
  • Recovery from a dead hard disk and system crashes so on.

OS compatibility:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1/8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2003

Other features:

  • Support for all major hard drive interface
  • Allows preview of restorable data before complete recovery
  • Safe to run on system, assures no damages to source data
  • Offers technical assistance, if necessary

Procedure to get off data from disk partitions

Step 1: Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery program on Windows system. Do the installation and run it.

Note: If the disk is unbootable, then carefully remove the hard disk and reconnect it to a healthy computer as an external storage. Install program on that working system.

Step 2: Click on Partition Recovery option on main screen. Continue to specify the hard drive storage whose partition information is to restore. You can then select only the required partitions or simply go with Mark All option to get back all disk partitions.

Step 3: The program then continues to scan the drive to fetch all partition data. Recoverable data is then return for preview

Step 4: Review recovered items using either of File Type View or Data View. Set a target drive to save back retrieved partition data from disk

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