AVI Files Only Play Audio Not Video

“Yesterday night I was so eager to watch my favorite movie. Actually I have started to download the movie files of .avi format, but due to power loss the process got interrupted. However, I resumed the downloading process after sometimes. At last I have downloaded the entire AVI movie file, but it playing only audio not video. How to fix this issue? Please suggest me an appropriate solution to resolve this problem. Thanks in advance.”

Unfortunately due to various reasons AVI file only plays audio not video on system, as mentioned in above scenario. However one can fix this video problem in AVI file using appropriate video file repair software available on internet. Before, knowing about best software to fix AVI file, let us discuss reasons behind AVI file paying only audio not video:

  • Virus, malware, spyware, Trojan horse and other suspicious external threats can corrupt AVI file and make its video unplayable
  • Incompatible Codec used to play AVI file can make its video bit unreadable
  • Improper or interrupted transmission of AVI video file might corrupt video stream and leads to video problem
  • AVI file plays only sound no video when it header get corrupted
  • CRC error, frequently converting AVI file to other video formats, formation of bad media spots on hard drive containing AVI files and others may become reasons for corrupt video stream in AVI file

About AVI video file repair software:

One of the most used and suggested AVI file repair application is AVI Repair. This tool is excellent in fixing AVI files only play audio not video on Windows system. This tool also corrupted or inaccessible DXVI fix as well as XVID video files. This software is developed by file repair experts that fix video problem AVI file. The application is featured with read-only property, so provides safe and secure process to fix AVI file. The program come in two versions for both Windows and Mac users can download required version to fix damaged AVI file. Windows version can be used on systems with different version of MS Windows operating systems such as Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 and Server 2008. Mac version supports Mac Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion OS X operating systems.

Steps to mend AVI file only playing audio not video:

Download and install AVI Repair tool on Windows system -> Run the installed application and follow onscreen procedure -> Now, in the main screen, click on browse button to select affected AVI file -> After selecting required AVI video file, hit repair button -> The program starts to scan the AVI file and completes fixing process within few seconds -> Later, displays repaired AVI file and its description by clicking on Preview button -> Then, specify destination location on system to save the fixed AVI file

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