File Recovery from Undetected Flash Drive

Think of this situation; you have connected your flash drive to the computer to access files from it. But as soon as you have connected, you did not get any response from your computer as it failed to recognize your flash drive. You have disconnected it and then reconnected but same thing repeated. At that moment you may not understand what to do as you have saved huge amount of documents in it and upon that you did not have another copy of it.

Well, don’t be tensed!!! This is a small issue which can be solved in a couple of minutes. It usually occurs when you remove flash drive improperly without using “Eject” option, if it is severely infected with viruses, or in case it is physically damaged. But you can make your flash drive accessible if it is not physically damaged. Following are the steps that could help you in this regard.

  • First of all right click on “My computer” and choose the option “Manage”
  • Now click on “Disk Management” which displays all the drive that is present and connected to your computer
  • You can now find flash drive on “Disk Management” utility
  • Right click on it and choose the option “Change drive letter and paths”
  • Assign drive letter and then click “OK” to complete the process
  • Close “Disk Management Utility” and then go to Windows explorer

Now, your flash drive will be visible on Windows Explorer. But to use it, you have format it by assigning file system. But, formatting lead to lose entire data from your flash drive. In such situation if the data is not so important then it is still be okay. However, if the files are of great importance then you have to recover it using flash drive recovery software.

One of the best recovery software that can help you to recover files from flash drive not recognized is, Yodot File Recovery. This software has the ability to recover each and every data from unrecognized flash drive and proves it as the best file recovery software. It can restore files like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, DataBase and also generic media files without damaging its content. If you have any doubt regarding its working then just download free trial version to know about it. You can start recovering your files by using trial version but one of the drawbacks of trail version is, you cannot save recovered files. In order to save restored files, you should first activate full version which is available at an affordable price.

Steps to restore files from not recognized flash drive is as follows:

Connect flash drive to your Windows computer. Download and install Yodot File Recovery software to your system in which you have connected flash drive. Once the installation gets completed, run it to start the recovery. Select second option out of the two options “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”. On the next screen you can see all the drive including the drive representing your flash drive. Select flash drive to go to next screen Allow software to scan the drive. Select files to recover and then save it in a location that you prefer.

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