Get Back Files from Formatted SSD Drive

“My SSD drive memory was almost full so I thought of formatting one of its partitions to add new files. However at the time of formatting, I have accidently selected important partition in which I have stored data like documents, photos, videos music and many more. I cannot afford to lose those files as all of them are very crucial. Upon this, I don’t possess backup of those files. Please someone help me in this regard.”

This is one of the examples for data loss from SSD drive. However, formatting does not remove your files from SSD drive. It only removes pointers associated with the file. So, unless and until you add new files to SSD drive, possibility of restoring files from it are always very high. Hence, with the utilization of any hard drive recovery software, you can easily recover files from formatted SSD drive on Windows computer.

Causes behind data loss from SSD drive:

  • At the time of reinstalling operating system on your computer, you may mistakenly format SSD drive connected to your Windows computer
  • One may accidentally click upon “Format” option instead of “Eject” at the time of removing SSD drive from your computer
  • Converting file system will format entire drive of SSD and thereby erase complete data from it
  • Sometimes you may intentionally format SSD drive when it prompts you to format it

In all these situations backup plays important role to restore files from formatted SSD drive. But most of the users do not backup their data assuming that their data is safe in it. Although you cannot view any file present in SSD drive, you can make it accessible by utilizing hard drive recovery software like  Hard Drive Recovery. This recovery software will help you to regain each and every file from your SSD drive without leaving a single one. It has simple graphical interface which will not let you feel difficulties at the time of restoring your files. You can be rest assured to use this software as it is 100% safe and does not modify any data stored upon your SSD drive. Adding to this, you can preview recovered media files to confirm your selection. Below are the steps that will guide you to bring back files from formatted SSD drive.

Steps to recover files from formatted SSD drive:

Download the software and install it to your Windows computer. Go here. Attach SSD drive to the computer on which you have downloaded the software. Run the application and follow instructions given on the screen. Main screen displays two options and you should choose second one which is “Formatted /Reformatted Recovery”. Allow the application to scan the drive and make your selection using two view types which are “Data View” and “File Type View”. Preview media files and at last save recovered files in a desired location.

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