Get photos from external hard drive on Mac

Today more and more people prefer to use external hard drives to store and backup their precious photos, audios and video files. It is the best way to store massive data, because the external hard drive has good features like large volume, easy to move and it can be connected to different computers having different operating system. Nowadays most people forget about the old paper photo albums and now store their pics on external hard drive or computer hard drive. Using an external hard drive is one of the good ways to share your photos, videos and files with your friends, colleagues or family members. Photos are the records of the precious moments of a person and they are very important to everyone, because memories are priceless and you can’t take the same photos for second chance.

“I have Seagate external hard drive that held the data. Recently I had saved all the photographs captured during long trip with my friends on this external hard drive. Today all of photos got deleted suddenly, when it was connected to my Mac system.”

If you came across any such instance you need not to worry. Fortunately, you have a chance to recover deleted photos if you have right photo recovery application. Generally, the deleted photos are not erased from the external hard drive immediately when you delete them. But they exist physically on external hard drive. What you need is to have photo recovery application to get back your deleted photos.

It is also possible that you would meet problem with an external hard drive like, the photos might be deleted by mistake or got lost for some unknown reason such as formatted partition, lost partition, etc. These problems are caused due to forceful system shutdown, operating system crash, external hard drive corruption, virus attacks and so on.

You are lucky enough, if you have the back up of lost photos. If you don’t have any backups don’t worry, you can restore your photos from external hard drive by using reliable photo recovery tool unless your photo files are overwritten by new data files.  Mac Photo Recovery is a highly rated utility to search and restore photos from your external hard drive on Mac OS X. Mac Photo Recovery tool helps you to get photos from external hard drive on Mac computers. Mac Photo Recovery utility will also recover your songs, video, movies, compressed files and other files that are present in external hard drive. It supports recovery of photos from external hard drive brands such as LaCie, Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Iomega, etc on Mac OS X machine.

 How to use Mac Photo Recovery tool?

Connect the external hard drive to Mac system from which you need to recover photos ->Download  Mac Photo Recovery software -> Install this in your Mac system and run the software -> From main screen select “Deleted Photo Recovery” or “Lost Photo Recovery” option according to your photo loss situation -> After scanning, the system will list all the logical drives present your Mac computer -> Select the logical volume from which you need to recover your photos and press “Next” -> After this you will get a display screen with different file types, you can make a selection of particular file type or simply click on “Skip” option to choose all types by default -> After the scanning process is completed it will display all the recovered photos from external hard drive -> View the data in two types of view. i.e., data view or file type view -> You can preview your photos before you restore it -> Select the files that you want to recover -> At last, save them to your desired destination location.

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