HD antenna will go PC free

SiliconDust has announced new program for HD Home Run DVR by kickstarter, which helps user to record TV over air to network connected to storage device instead of computer. SiliconDust is cord cutting pioneer and now company is going to take kickstarter to update software that adds recording feature to network DVRs.

DVR service is pretty expensive when compared to SiliconDust, HD Home Run is complicated then cable box. HD Home Run tuner cost about $130, over the air broadcast cost $170 plus cost of an antenna, cable costs $150 plus any cable card rental fee. Hence you can avoid those expenses if you have desktop with lot of space. Minimum an Android TV set up box is required, if you don’t have any of the components, but then cost of whole set up will raise up to $400. HD Home Run raises the cost on product and hopes to launch it on Windows, Mac and Android.

HD Home Run is unique appliances; it doesn’t have video output which connects to TV. Instead it receives signal and streams the decoded video over LAN to your tablet, Smartphone, smart TV or computer. Henceforth, it is capable of streaming many screening location.

The company provides trio to HD Home Run like cable card based program on PC or video streamer or mobile device. But the latest software updates DVR recording from computer to network attached storage drive. It also introduces entire redesigned interface. And SiliconDust configuration is practically zero which will be needed for user at end. Still if users want to install this app on his desktop, select network option either MyCloud or QNAP network storage device. Then companies have to extend software to NAS in future and stretch its goal to Kickstarter. At the same time, existing companies throw new hardware on Kickstarter to offer some presales, but this was first time for software to upgrade existing devices and sell it.

HD Home Run service focuses subscription fee of about $30 for one year along with software updates and guide data. Otherwise, Kickstarter entitles $30 for subscription of 12 month and allows you to get latest software a month before. Latest software supports HD Home Run to extend, connect and prime with older version. Finally, the updated HD Home Run will compete with similar products which permit antenna based TV to view on different devices like Smartphones, tablets, desktop, etc.

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