How can I Recover iPod Files?

Can anyone Help me out! Yesterday, my sister was listening music from my iPod but I don’t know she did, all the files from my iPod got deleted. There were many photos, videos, and audio files in my iPod. Those were very important. I don’t want to lose them. If you know any solution, please let me know.

If this has ever happened to you, then don’t think that there is no solution for it. The only solution to get back files from your iPod is the recovery tool. With the help of any Photo Recovery software, you can easily get all the files back from your iPod.

Before we proceed further, let us know some importance of iPod. iPod is becoming one of the most efficient tool in one’s life. It remains as the most accepted and preferred choice for all digital song listeners. In this fast moving world, you may not find the comforts of entertainment at their disposal and thus iPod serves as one of the best electronic music players An iPod is one among the media player that can be used to store not only music, but also videos and other data and you can carry this portable device anywhere. However, like other device, it may also prone to data loss. Some of the situations, that leads to data loss from your iPod are as follows:

  • unintentionally deleting music files, photos or videos from your iPod or deleting the entire files selecting “Delete all” option from your iPod menu leads to data loss from it
  • Sometimes a file system of your iPod might get corrupted due to some unknown errors and you might find some error message that does not allow you to access files from iPod and hence results in data loss
  • You might unintentionally restore your iPod while updating or when it display an error message. Restore operation deletes complete data present on your iPod leading to severe data loss
  • Formatting your iPod accidentally or when connected to your Mac machine leads to data loss from it
  • Data from your iPod might get deleted if you do not use the option “Safely remove option” while disconnecting from your Mac machine
  • Files in your iPod might get deleted when it is attacked by any infectious virus

After facing above situation People often search in internet by putting How can I recover iPod files. If you are one of them, then  Mac Photo Recovery is the best one which is designed to recover files from iPod on Mac. With this application, you can restore deleted or lost songs, videos and photo files from iPod Nano, Classic, Mini and Shuffle with ease. Using this software, you can retrieve accidentally deleted files and files lost from iPod due to formatting, virus attack, iPod restore and files lost while syncing with iTunes. It is capable of recovering files from iPod in all possible data loss scenarios. And upon recovery you can preview the file prior to saving. Stick to the procedure given below

With the help of a USB cable connect your iPod to the Mac machine. Download the software and once the download process is complete, install it on your Mac machine. Visit here. Run the software to find out the recovery steps involved in iPod Recovery. On the main screen, there are two options available. They are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”. Click on one based on the situation you have faced. After selecting the appropriate option, the software displays all the drives present in your Mac. You can also see the external drive i.e your iPod. Select the external drive (iPod) and click on “Next”. The software now displays all the files present in the drive you have selected. Select the one that you want to recover. If you want to recover all the files then, click on “Mark all”. Preview the files before saving them in a desired location. Finally, save the recovered files in a location that you prefer.

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