How to Clone Laptop Hard drive

Hard drive clone means transfer of data from one hard drive to another hard drive. After completion of cloning, the data on new hard drive will be exactly same as on previous one. The main advantage of cloning is without reinstallation of any software or settings or applications we can do our functionalities as we used to do in the previous hard drive.

In which situations we clone our laptop hard drive?

  • If you need to upgrade your old hard drive to new one
  • If you want to create a duplicate  copy of your hard disk
  • If you want to increase the size of the hard drive

What we need to perform cloning?

To perform cloning, we require two major elements. i.e. we need a hard drive with good working conditions and big enough space to accommodate your old hard drive. The secondary thing is professional clone software like AOMEI Back Upper, this software not only save the processing time, but also reduce the storage space for the clone operation without any data loss situations.

 How to clone Laptop hard drive?

To perform clone operations, we must have to install clone software such as AOMEI Backupper. After installation this software will provide two options for you .i.e. “Partition clone” and “Disk Clone”. We need to choose “Disk Clone” in order to perform cloning of laptop hard disk. After selecting this operation you need to follow three steps which are mentioned below:

  • Download AOMEI Back Upper application and install it in your system. Then run the application and follow onscreen instructions. From the first screen, choose the option “Disk Backup”.
  • In the next screen it will display Disk0 and Disk1, Choose Disk 0 as Source Disk and Disk1 as destination disk. Next, click on “Next” option
  • Check the “Operation summary” to see whether all the clone selections properly done or not. Click on “tart Clone” to check whether all settings are cloned properly or not

Actually, Disk Clone is similar to Disk Imaging or Disk Backup, which prevents data loss by creating an image file for all the data on destination disk. Both these two features are simultaneously supported by AOMEI Backupper.

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