: How to Fix Photoshop After ‘The Application Was Unable to Start Correctly (0xc00007b)’ Error?

Many users have faced an error on Windows OS which says ‘the application was unable to start correctly’, while attempting to open Photoshop. The error may seem strange as it can encountered at any random times. The reason causing 0xc00007b error with Adobe application is quite difficult to find out. Some of the major causes for this unusual behavior can be that-

  • Incomplete OS/application installation
  • Corruption within the application
  • Incompatible file architecture
  • Software conflicts
  • Malware programs and other harmful threats etc.

With this error, one will not be able to open the application as well as the saved files. This could prove to be disappointing to many, but there are ways to deal with this. When Adobe states- the application was unable to start correctly (0xc00007b) then fix Photoshop with some basic troubleshoot methods:

Method 1: Initially, reboot the Windows system and run Photoshop application- see if the error repeats. If not uninstall the Adobe program and reinstall it again

Method 2: Open the Windows command prompt by typing ‘cmd’ on start search box. Type the command chkdsk c: /f /r and press Enter key. Wait for a while for command to fix Photoshop error 0xc00007b.

There are other few techniques to resolve this issue with Windows application programs. But remember that, any wrong move will lead to further corruption. At some instances, the application startup error might cause harm to existing files on the computer. The corruption might have impact on already existing Photoshop files. If you are concerned to get back vital Photoshop files then there exists an optimal solution. It is Yodot PSD Repair program that can fix damaged Photoshop files within a short span. It assures no harm to any part of Photoshop PSD files.

In-built features of repair application: It is a resourceful program capable of fixing all PSD and PDD documents. It supports Photoshop image files with any color modes and depth. Adobe Photoshop 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, CS, CS2, CS3, CS7, CS5 and CS6 can utilize this tool on Windows or Macintosh systems (available as separate versions). Furthermore, all latest versions of Windows (from Windows 10 till XP) and Mac OS X are well-supported.

Running this tool sounds to be very simple with friendly design interface. Yodot also extends technical assistance for all 24/7. During repair process, one will be able to even preview the recovered PSD or PDD image files. Thus, the error with Photoshop files can be efficiently resolved with the help of Yodot software.

How to run the repair program?

Step 1: Initiate download of repair utility.

Step 2: Install and execute the program as per provided instructions

Step 3: Specify the file location of PSD files by clicking over Browse button

Step 4: Proceed with hitting on Repair button to trigger repair operation

Step 5: The tool scans and performs necessary fixtures

Step 7: Photoshop file is now available for preview

Step 8: Continue to save the repaired Adobe Photoshop Image files in an appropriate location

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