How to Flash / Root your Android Phone?

For all Android customization and flexibility, phone maker will manage to lock many restrictions and preloaded applications that you don’t want. Let us discuss some rooting’s advantage and risks and find some replacements for Android operating system.

What is rooting?

Rooting is a process that allows user with full administrator control and access to a tablet or Android smartphone. After completing root access, you can alter program and system setting, run specialized applications, and many more. The most common causes for phone root is to replace OS with a ROM which gives you more control on details. Rooting is nothing but flashing a custom ROM. The rooting process varies for each device in an Android phone but seems to be upgraded over time. It is always a good idea to take backup before rooting.

There are many reasons to root your android phone. The main reason is to remove useless games and apps that your phone maker installed before you unpack your phone. Rooting provides you full uninstallation and deleting apps that you will never use and free up some space for storage capacity. Another main advantage is, it provides faster platform updates and once it is rooted you can get some new platform features through custom ROMs. Other cause is to provide full device back up, integrate mobile hot spot features and extend the device’s battery life by new setting and control. Note that rooting will cancel the device warranty, but flashing a ROM can get back things to their normal state.

In most of the cases you can overturn any ROM you flash by returning to phone stock Android operating system easily as you install new ROM in it. If you don’t follow the steps carefully, you will end up in problem. It is very important to pay close attention while rooting your phone. Hold on to latest feedback and source for help. If you are in forum thread, then check if there is any problem with your mobile phone handset.

How to root?

In earlier days, rooting process was complicated with many number of steps. At present days it is very simple to root your Android phone using an app. First of all download ‘SuperOneClick’ version without drivers and save it on your desktop. And connect your phone to system and make sure that SD card is not mounted. Check it by going to Setting – SD card – Phone storage – unmount the SD card. Then enable USB debugging by going to Setting – Application Setting – Development – Enable USB debugging. Then go to your computer and double click on SuperOneClick.exe. Now select Capitvate tab for Samsung mobile phone, and choose Universal tab for other phones. If it is HTC phone then rooting can be done with Unrevoked software by NAND memory lock that the manufacturer have installed. Finally click on Root button, once the process is finished, reboot your phone.

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