How to Free Up Google Drive Space

Google is playing a major role for storing as well as for searching the data. Google provides 15GB of free space for every user. Compared to drop box it will provide huge space (means Drop box is limited to 2GB only). 15 GB limit includes not only for a Google drive this space is also provided for a Gmail account and Google+ photos. Usually the great part of Google Drive space is occupied by Gmail messages and attachments only. Google won’t consider everything to its storage limit it will consider only the photos which are larger than 2048 by 2048 pixel and videos exceeding 15 minutes of time.

What procedure you have to apply to free up space on Google Drive?

Open the option Google Drive and take a look at “My Drive”. If it shows thumbnails instead of a list then click on “List view” button in the upper right corner of the screen. Now your Google drive will display file list which is sorted by the name. If you want to sort the files as per your requirement then sorting options are there such as Name, Last modified, Last modified by me  and Last opened by me. You can select any option as per your need.

To free up the space first you should have to delete unwanted large files from Google drive. If the file format is PDF file then instead of deleting you can convert them into Google Docs (sheets or slides) depending on the file.  To convert PDF to other Google Docs format follows the below options:

Right click on PDF file-> select Open With option-> choose Google Docs option from the drop down menu

Later it will generate a new Google Doc file with the same name as your PDF file. Means it has generated the Google Docs for your PDF file. After that delete your old PDF file to free up the space on Google Drive.

Once you have deleted the files from your Google Drive then you need to empty your Trash folder for this:

Click on “Trash” option -> right click on the files which you want to delete -> select the option “Delete forever”.

Then it will remove your selected files permanently. Until a file has been deleted forever it will occupy space on your drive.

How can you reduce photo size in Google+?

Now a day’s lots of users is using Android mobile that having  Feature of automatic photo back up services which uploads all the photos to Google+ drive with full size. It will occupy lots of space on Google drive. To stop your Android phone from automatically uploading full size photos follow the below options:

Open the Google+ app on your phone and -> go to ‘Settings’-> Auto Backup-> Photo size and change the option from “Full size” to  “Standard size”.  Smaller size photos won’t occupy huge space in Drive.

Clean your Gmail:

Yours Gmail is probably taking huge amount of space on Google Drive. To purge your Gmail of large attachments and unwanted newsletters, check out Spring cleaning article by subscribing out your Gmail.

By applying the above methodologies you can easily free up space on Google Drive and also maintain it properly.

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