How to Locate Hidden Files on MacBook Pro?

Hello friends! Days of safeguarding important data and files in a safety locker protection are gone. With the emergence of science and technologies, it is possible to protect/save huge data on a small piece of storage device. Securing files with privacy and passwords are even more advantageous to users across globe. More precisely there is no need of worry about priers who keep watching for a chance to intervene and fetch confidential data. There are advanced technologies that can hide and make files invisible to unauthentic persons. One such tech concept is hidden files and folders technique in most of the devices.

Wow! Isn’t it cool to come across such interesting big ideas in day to day life? But conceptualizing alone is not sufficient to make them practically work?

Hide files and folders in this manner.

Click on Command+Space keys to launch terminal window => Type “Terminal” and hit enter => Type the command as chflags hidden => bring a file/folder into command Window from Finder => Click on Enter to run command after noticing file path.

Doesn’t it sound so easy to hide data on Mac? But at the same time there are few circumstances where finding hidden files becomes difficult. Have a look on it:

  • If location of hidden file/folder is unknown or forgotten by mistake
  • Unintentionally formatting storage device that contains invisible data
  • Accidentally deleting files that are still hiding on system

In such hectic situation what should be done to locate hidden files on MacBook pro or any other Macintosh device?

Well just check some methods prescribed below to unhide files and folders on Mac:

Launch Terminal window from Finder => Click on Applications => Click on Utilities =>Type the command as defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES killall Finder => enter => Quit terminal => Right click on Finder to Relaunch => now find all files and folders that were hidden

Upon trying above method if your files are located completely then it is well and good. What if still you are unable to fetch those invisible data? Just switch onto a recovery tool to bring back your data on MacBook.

File Restoration is made simpler now!

Yodot Mac File recovery application assures safe recovery of all data on MacBook that are in hidden state. Almost all latest versions of Mac OS such as Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks works well with this software. This utility assists to restore files from external hard drives, Pen drives, SSD, memory sticks and many other portable devices. Files such as MS office files, archive files, PDFs, etc. can be retrieved using this utility.

Locate data from hidden files with below procedure-

  • Download and install Yodot Mac file recovery application on Mac
  • Run the program
  • Choose “Lost File Recovery” option to bring back files from hidden mode
  • Opt the drive that needs file restoration
  • Scanning process brings a list of recoverable files, mark desired one
  • Using Preview option, confirm file recovery is complete or not
  • Select target location to save all files after retrieving

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