How to recover data from crashed Mac hard drive?

“I had Mac system that was working fine till yesterday. Today when I was accessing certain files, the system suddenly stopped working because of continuous power surge. Later, I tried to restart the system many times, but the system did not boot making unusual noises. This resulted in huge data loss from Mac system drive. Can anybody help me to get back my data from crashed Mac system?”

This is a very common problem faced by a vast number of Mac system users. System might stop working due to any logical failure like failure of operating system and Physical failure for example hard drive crash and results in loss of data. And if you wish to get back those data then make use of good recovery product before it is very late.

Mac Hard drive may crash due to the below mentioned scenarios:

  • Deletion of program files – Accidental deletion of program files required for system booting by any third party applications may cause hard drive crash on Mac system
  • Volume Map Corruption – Volume Map on a Mac hard drive is a storage area that holds all the information about volumes like number of volumes, size, name, etc. And corruption of this volume map may lead to hard drive crash
  • Other reasons – Continuous power fluctuations, improper way of system shutdown, reinstallation errors, downloading viruses infected files from unsecured sites, etc. can cause also lead to hard drive crash

In all these cases of hard drive crash, you will lose data from Mac systems and the best strategy is to make use of Mac Data Recovery tool to recover crashed hard drive on Mac. This utility can retrieve all types of files such as docx, xls, program files, pdf, exe, txt, etc. from hard drive when Mac system is not booting. It assists in recovering volume data from crashed hard disk on Macintosh system with its scanning abilities. You can utilize this software to restore data from drives with FAT, HFS and HFS+ file systems.

Guidelines to restore data from crashed Macintosh hard drive:

On a healthy Mac system use this URL to download  Mac Data Recovery tool. Connect the crashed hard drive onto this healthy system via USB interface. Next install the software and run it. The tool runs and in the first screen, you will be provided with two options, “Volume Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted recovery”. Go for volume recovery option and continue. Next the software asks you to select the logical drive from which you want to recover data, select the drive that represents hard drive connected to the system. Next the tool scans and lists out all the files present on it that can be recovered.  Additionally before recovering the files, you can preview them with the help of preview option. It provides two types of view options, File Types and Data type, select any. Finally target the location to store these recovered files and click save.

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