How to restore lost files from Recycle Bin

In all Windows OS running computers and laptops, there is a tool that takes care of your mistake and provides you a chance to set that mistake. Yes, it’s Recycle Bin. When a user is done with deleting any file with Delete key and realizes that deleted file is of worth, he can restore that file from Recycle Bin. Often we delete some files in our Windows PC and later need them. In such case, Recycle Bin makes them available for us. However, there are few instances where we cannot take advantage of Recycle Bin. If the file in not residing in Recycle Bin, you cannot restore it again. So what should be the solution to resolve such problem? What if you look into Recycle Bin for a file but cannot see it there? Actually, this is case, where you will have to practice any professional file recovery program. Here, third party tools can help you a lot in recovering lost files from Recycle Bin.

Causes for which a file can be lost from Recycle Bin:

  • When you delete any file by using Shift + Delete keys, deleted file simply get removed bypassing the Recycle Bin in Windows computer. So you cannot get that file there in Recycle Bin
  • If Recycle Bin is full of deleted files and there is no space to add newly deleted files, Windows will automatically remove older files from Recycle Bin to add new one. In such case, previously deleted files will be lost
  • Deletion of a file via common prompt in windows will also cause a file deleted by passing the Recycle Bin
  • Sometimes, users make the Recycle Bin empty to erased entire data from it for making some hard drive space. This action eventually leads to the erasure of all files from Recycle Bin
  • If you have re-installed Windows OS, Recycle Bin will also get emptied and you lose all files from there

So, above are some commonly experienced scenarios which turn into the loss of files from Recycle Bin in Windows computer. If you also are experiencing such issue and want your files back from Recycle Bin that is not available there, try to perform file recovery operation with a qualified file recovery tool.

Software to regain lost files from Recycle Bin

By using File Recovery software, you can get back all your lost files from the Recycle Bin with great ease. As you launch this application in your Windows PC, it automatically scans and searches all missing files from the Recycle Bin even after you have emptied it. It has very easy to use interface where users can recover lost files from Recycle Bin by making few clicks only. This software retrieves deleted or lost videos, pictures, music and other media files, MS Office documents, application files and all other generic files from the Recycle Bin on all major Windows OS including Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Steps to restore lost files from Recycle Bin

Download File recovery program to your Windows computer and complete the installation procedure -> Launch the application to get the main screen with recovery options i.e. “Deleted File recovery” and “Lost File Recovery” -> Select “Lost file Recovery” option and proceed further -> You can see all the drives present in your Windows computer, select the drive from which you want to restore lost files and click “Next” option -> The software starts scanning operation and displays all restored files from the selected drive -> You can use Preview option to see recovered files before saving them -> At last, save all recovered files to your preferred destination location in Windows computer.

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