Locate Disaster Victims by Robobees having Laser Eyes

Researchers have been researching for creating robots of small size so that they could use them in various situations from pollinating crops to locating disaster victims. The main aim behind this project is to manufacture Robot bees that can fly and swim without crashing into obstacles.

Researchers are in process to develop flying robots of bee-size. They are planning to set mechanical eyes in robot bees. Mechanical eyes also are known as laser eyes that can shoots laser beams with the help of it bees’ size robot can fly without crashing into obstacle. These devices can be used on various devices like smart phones, tablets, laptops, wearable technology and other gadgets by using only gestures.

Previously, it has been known that robot bees are capable of flying but it lacks in depth perception. It’s become big challenge for researcher that how robot bees can avoid landing on plants, flowers, etc. After a lot of research, they came up with a new concept of laser based radar system commonly its known as ‘lidar’. It is a remote sensing technology, which measures and analyze path of target with laser. In these technology sensors emits invisible laser light that is safe for use around eyes.

Lidar system’s working depends on target’s shape and size also. Currently it is working to help driverless car to navigate their surroundings so that they would not crash into things.

This entire concept of sensors was developed by Computer-vision expert and Sensor expert by Sanjeev Koppal and Huikai Xie respectively at Florida. Afterwards, Karthik Dantu analyze sensor deeply and create navigation procedures and novel perception to help Robo Bees in analyzing environment.According to Koppal, Lidar exploiting echo of light beam that leaves sensor and bounces off an object and came back in minimum time. Now, the main challenge is that, sensor need to detect it quickly without complex circuit but entire precede takes place inside a small form factor.

So, basically they found micro lidar as best approach. It is of unlimited usage so researcher can make used to it in future as well. By micro lidar, user can imagine user interfaced for wearable technology like smart watches, body sensor, smart glasses, etc.


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