Mac Data Recovery After Format

Have you accidentally formatted your Mac Hard Drive? Have you lost all the files and now wondering what is the best way to get it back? Well, the best way to get your file is backup. However if you have not created the backup then the only way to get your precious files is recovery software. By making use of any third party recovery tool, you can get all the data back from your hard drive.

The Mac computer hard drive is a reliable and non-volatile storage that stores your data permanently. The internal hard drive is one of the key components of a computer, as it is the device that allows for long term data storage, ranging from OS to applications .The drive keeps your valuable data, even after power failure, until you delete it. The drive consists of numerous data structures to store, access, organize, and manipulate your valuable data. For a computer to function, it must have a hard disk in place. If you format the drive, you lose all the data i.e. all the files. Data can be lost in many different ways, the most typical are:

  • Accidental formatting – One main cause for data loss is accidental formatting of your Mac Volumes. While formatting a particular Volume, if you accidentally select some other volume  that contains important files and folders then you will lose data from it
  • Reinstalling operating system – while reinstalling new operating system into your Mac machine, you can find two options they are “Archive and Install” and “Erase and Install”. If you choose the option “Erase and install“then the data that are present on your hard drive will be formatted In other words, it causes data loss from your  Mac hard drive
  • File system conversion – Conversion of file system for example from HFS to HFS+. It creates  entirely a new file system and erases all the data that is present on the volume

There was a period when people used to think like as soon as they format data from Mac, the files would be gone utterly with zero chance of return. But it is no longer true now. You can recover the files that got formatted unless it is overwritten by the new one. When the operating system erase a file, what the OS really does is mark the space on your hard drive as free. The information is still present but inaccessible or invisible to you. However, Mac is now completely able to store new files over of it. But if it add any new files, the free space would be filled and you cannot recover it at any cost.

To say about the recovery software, there exists lots of software but the one you can use for Mac data recovery after format is  Mac Data Recovery. It is an excellent recovery software with professional and powerful recovery functions to recover Mac data lost due to formatting, virus infection, accidental deleting, unexpected power failure, improper operation, and other unknown reasons. Download its trial version to know how does it work

Download Mac Data Recovery software and install it on your Mac machine. Click here. Launch the software and follow the instructions that can you can see on the main screen. You can see two options namely “Volume Recovery” and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” Choose the option “Formatted/ Reformatted Recovery”. The software starts scanning and displays all the drives that are present on your Mac Machine. Choose the drive, from which you want to recover the data. Once the scanning is done, the files that are present in the selected drive will be displayed. Select the file that you want to recover and continue by pressing “Next” Preview the files before saving. Select the location to save the recovered files. It should be different from the original location otherwise the data will be overwritten and you might lose it permanently

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