Recover FAT Partition on Mac

I accidentally formatted FAT partition on Mac system instead of formatting other Mac volume without taking its back up. My essential files like program files, compressed files, MS documents and so on stored on this FAT partition is erased completely. Is there an any way to retrieve erased files from Fat partition on Mac system

However, sometimes Mac user may unintentionally format a partition without taking its back up. In such cases they may lose entire data stored on it. So while formatting any partition user must be careful and have to take its back up, which helps you to keep entire data on FAT partition in secured manner.

Common reasons for losing FAT partition data on Mac system:

  • Data deleted from FAT partition directly move to trash bin. But sometimes when trash folder is emptied without checking its contents by pressing “Secure empty Trash” option files will get deleted permanently
  • Use of “Command + shift + delete + option” keys to empty trash bin on Mac system, will remove all files and folders completely without displaying confirmation message on screen resulting in file loss
  • Wrong way of installing operating system on Mac system may cause loss of data stored FAT partition.
  • Use of Mac Terminal while deleting files and folders present on Mac partition will remove those files forever

Loss of FAT partition data could happen by any means, but lost data can be retrieved back from FAT partition on Mac system with the help of Mac File Recovery software.

Software to retrieve FAT partition data on Mac:

Data can be recovered from FAT partition with the help of highly reputed  Mac File Recovery application on Mac system. This application easily regain files from FAT partition, which is either deleted or lost on Macintosh system. It can restore files from other devices having FAT file system such as Notebook hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, thumb drives, memory cards and SSD. Apart from FAT file system this tool can retrieve files from HFS and HFS+ file systems. This FAT partition recovery Mac tool can be utilized on Mac Leopard, Mac Snow Leopard, Mac Mountain Lion, Mac Lion and Mac Mavericks operating systems.

Simple procedure to rescue FAT partition on Mac:

Download and install  Mac File Recovery Software to Macintosh system -> Run the application and stick to the onscreen procedures -> On main screen you can view two options namely “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”-> Select the one as per the data loss situation from FAT partition->In next step, choose FAT volume from where files are to be recovered -> Further, choose file types to restore or click on Mark All; or Skip this step->In upcoming window, scanning progress will be shown through ‘Status Bar’  and displays all the deleted / lost files from selected FAT volume -> make use of ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’ modes to have detailed look at rescued files-> Browse for the destination location in order to save rescued files on Mac system  apart from same FAT Volume.

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