Recover Files from Raw Hard Drive

When I tried to access D:\ on my computer it says- the drive is not formatted, Do you want to format now? I feel my hard drive has turned raw. If I go with format, will I be losing all my data in the drive? Is there any other option. Can I get some suggestions to rescue my data in the hard drive?

You might have come across the above situation and possibly you would stay confused for a while to make your next move. Your hard drive has become RAW and so it is asking you to format. In fact it is a serious issue and you need to be very careful with your action so as to avoid data loss. If you go with the format option you are however going to lose your drive data files but you don’t have to worry, Hard Drive Recovery will resolve it.

When computer enters into RAW state, the file system of your computer seems to be unrecognizable to the drive. The current file system being unable to be identified by your hard drive is likely to show the below errors:

  • disk is not formatted (D:).Do you want to format now?”
  • Invalid media type reading drive. Abort, Retry, Fail?”
  • sector not found”

All these errors are as a result of RAW file system. This could lead you to a hectic situation where it seems like all files are vanished. But wait, as mentioned earlier tool will recover files from RAW hard drive very effectively.

A hard drive can turn into RAW state due to a variety of reasons:

  1. Disconnecting the hard drive from the system when it is in use
  2. When Master Boot Record has damaged
  3. Virus invasion on the hard disk
  4. Failure of hard disk due to malfunctioning hardware component or any software applications
  5. Corruption in the hard drive partition table
  6. Interruptions during formatting/reformatting hard drive or during partitioning the drive
  7. Power failure during data access

It is either your hard drive has become RAW or hard drive partition has turned RAW. Whatever it may be, but  Hard Drive Recovery can eventually retrieve all data with ease.

How does it works?

Initially connect your RAW hard drive to a healthy computer. You now need to download and install the tool on the computer. Run the software and choose appropriate recovery option – partition recovery or Formatted/ Reformatted recovery. The software scans the drive and returns you the recovered files from your RAW hard drive. Choose type of view for the recovered files. You can have a preview of recovered files. Finally choose a destination location on the computer where you would like to save restored data from your RAW hard drive.

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