Recover Missing Files and Folders after Virus Attack

“Hi guys, few of my files and folders are missing from computer drive. Recently, my computer had somehow got virus infected and had started to act weird. Whenever I tried to do any task the system used to freeze or shutdown suddenly by itself. This has resulted in missing of few files and folders from it. I tried to trace out the files and folders that missing from the drive; but found nothing. Can anyone just tell me how to restore missing files and folders after virus attack to computer drive? Please help.”

Missing of files and folders from computer drive is commonly seen among users. Usually, files are missed from computer drive in many situations among which virus infection is one. The other common ways of losing files from computer are:

  • Moving of files from one location to another and encountering interruptions like power surge can sometimes cause missing of files
  • Incomplete transfer process of files from or to external storage device on system can result in missing of those files at certain times
  • Scanning the system with unreliable antivirus tool can even cause loss of certain files while removing infected files
  • Inappropriate Windows update, software conflicts, installation of unsecure applications can all result in missing of files and folders from computer

However, there is no need worry much as there are brilliant file retrieval programs to get back such missing files. Loss / deletion of files on computer don’t remove the files permanently; however, it makes the files invisible to the OS and user. Thus whenever files are lost user thinks that it is been removed from hard drive completely. So, by making use of any excellent file recovery like Yodot File Recovery it is possible to recover missing files and folder after virus attack with much ease. This file restoration software can retrieve files like Word documents, text, Excel sheets, PowerPoint files, Access files, Notepad basic media files, and other program files like dll, tmp, etc. from Windows computer drive. Also, this software can perform file recovery from storage devices like external hard drive, pen drive, FireWire drive, etc. It can be utilized on Windows PC / desktop running with Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Working procedure of file recovery program:

Hit this link to download the software on your Windows computer, from where files and folders are missing. Install the tool in a new partition (other than the one from which files are missing) and run it. In main screen click for Lost File Recovery option and proceed. Later, click for particular partition from which files and folders have to be restored. Software scans the drive for missing files and restores it within short period of time. Next, preview the retrieved files in Data View or File Type View and save required files to new destination location.

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