Recover Photos from Flash Drive

Consider this situation:  you have connected flash drive to the laptop in order to move few photos. But as the transfer process was going on, your laptop got switched off due to low battery. You attached charger to the laptop and restarted it to continue the transfer process. But for your surprise the drive that represented flash drive has displayed an error message that “Access denied”. In such situation you may get disappointed thinking that you have lost all the photos which you were supposed to save in your computer hard drive.

However just relax!!! You have not lost your photos yet. Unless and until the photos are not overwritten with new files, chances of recovery are very high. In above situation, the photos got lost because transmission process is interrupted as a result of low battery and the flash drive got corrupted for the same reason. But one can easily get photos from flash drive with the help of photo recovery software.

Reasons accountable for photo loss from flash drive

  • Accidental deletion: Many users intend to delete unwanted files from their flash drive but while deleting one may accidentally erase important photo along with the unneeded one. Photos deleted from flash drive or any other external storage device does not get stored in Recycle Bin as this folder does not hold deleted files from external hard storage media
  • Virus attack: In case your flash drive is infected with the viruses, then you may lose few photos and other files from it. But file system of the flash gets corrupted if the viruses are very dangerous
  • Accidental formatting: As soon as you connect your flash drive you may see an error message that the drive is not formatted. After seeing this message, if you go further to format the drive then entire data present in flash drive gets erased

If you have come across any of the above situation then do not regret, instead look for appropriate way to overcome it. The best way to solve your problem is by using photo recovery software. One of the best software that can be utilized to get photos from flash drive is  Photo Recovery software. This software has been loaded with many useful features which help to get not only photos but other data stored in flash drive. Along with flash drive, you are able to recover photos and other files from memory card, iPod, MP3 player and other multimedia device. The steps to recover photos from flash drive are as follows:

First of all connect flash drive to your computer. Press here. Download and install  Photo Recovery software to the Windows computer. Run the software and then follow the instructions given on the screen. Select anyone out of the two that is “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”. Choose the drive that indicates flash drive. Select file types to be recovered. Preview media files and then save it in a location that you prefer.

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