Repairing Outlook 2007 OST File

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is the most widely used program to send and receive mails. Outlook 2007 is designed with best graphical user interface so that every user can perform his / her task without any worries. The other unique items present in Outlook 2007 are you can save drafts, maintaining notes, journals, calendar journal, provide password for security, etc. All the data of the user is stored in a single file called as PST files(Personal Storage Table). Apart from PST file Outlook also has OST file i.e.(Offline Storage File). This OST file contains similar to PST file and is used to Synchronize with Microsoft Exchange Server whenever the system recovers from breakdown of internet connection.

Sometimes when the application is busy performing synchronization process, there is sudden system shutdown. As a result of which synchronization process is halted abruptly. This damages the OST file and the user can no longer perform synchronization process. Before getting to know how to fix Outlook 2007 OST file, go through some other scenarios that cause corruption to Microsoft Outlook 2007 OST file.

Some of the reasons that lead to the corruption of Outlook 2007 OST file are:

  • The OST files present in the system get corrupted as a result of virus infection that corrupts the program and blocks access to the OST file
  • Improper termination of Outlook 2007 application while the OST file is being used can also cause damage to the OST file
  • Unwanted interruption in the upgrading process of Outlook 2007 utility will also result in corruption of the OST file
  • The information present in the OST file becomes inaccessible if the OST file exceeds its size limit

Best Solution for fixing Outlook 2007 OST file: Outlook PST Repair software is the best software program that can be made use of to fix the OST file that got corrupted as a result of various scenarios as mentioned above. Outlook PST Repair program can easily fix the corrupted OST file with services of effective repair algorithms. Even a novice user can fix OST files with the help of simple graphical user interface that is installed in this application.This PST repair tool supports fixing of OST files from Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 versions. It is easily installable on all the latest versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

Follow the simple procedure to fix Outlook 2007 OST files on Windows OS:

Download Outlook PST Repair program. Install the tool and follow the instructions that are provided on screen of the tool. Click on “Open PST File” from the main screen of the application and then in the next window click on “Browse” button to select the OST file. Make use of “Find PST File” option if you don’t know the location where the OST file is saved and if you need to change the account then just click on Outlook Profile to change the profile. Now, after selecting the Outlook 2007 OST file get to the next screen to select “Normal Scan” or “Smart Scan” options, select destination location where the repaired OST file has to be saved. After completion of the repair process, select view the contents of the repaired OST file.

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Download and install best antivirus protection to prevent virus infection
  • Keep backup of OST file in separate external hard drive
  • Follow proper procedure while exiting the Outlook program

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