Restore Photos from MacBook Air

“I was deleting unwanted photos from my MacBook Air and while deleting, I haven’t noticed that I have accidentally selected few important pictures along with that. I have the habit of emptying Trash Bin after each deletion and this time too, I have emptied Trash Bin without checking the contents resided in it.  Has anyone faced this type of situation? If yes then kindly let me know the procedure to overcome it. Thanks in advance!!!”

Have you ever faced this type of situation and lost your precious photos from MacBook Air? If your answer is yes then here is the precise answer for your question. MacBook air does not remove pictures immediately when you delete, it just marks the space as free and keeps the photos intact unless and until you add new photos in it. Once you add new files then deleted files will be overwritten and you will not be able to restore them at any cost. So without writing anything over deleted space, utilize any good photo recovery software which can help you to retrieve images form MacBook Air. However, before you move forward, let us have a glance over the situations that results in losing photos from MacBook Air

  • MacBook is not suspected to be attacked by viruses but still sometimes deadly viruses might enter to it and delete few images without any notification
  • Emptying Trash without checking its contents not only remove images but other files present in it
  • Deleting photos from Mac Terminal would remove it permanently from MacBook Air without transmitting to Trash Bin
  • Erasing images from external storage media when connected to MacBook Air will remove it immediately without storing it to Trash Bin

It is always advised to allow Time machine whenever you are commencing actions like deletion or formatting. If you fail to do so then it is suggested to download MacBook Air Photo Recovery software. Mac Photo Recovery is one such software which will help you to restore pictures from MacBook Air without causing any damage to the files present in it. It will allow you to choose the file types that you want and also shows its preview after recovering. It not only rescues pictures but other files like music, videos, documents and many more. To know about its working just download free trial version and follow the procedure mentioned below:

First of all download the application and install it to your computer. Press here. Once the installation process gets completed run it to find out the steps involved in the recovery. You will find two main options on the screen which are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”. Select anyone according to the need. Choose the drive from where you need to regain photos. Allow the application to scan the drive and pick required photos. Preview media files and at last save them on a location that you prefer.

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