Retrieve Accidentally Deleted Email Folder in Outlook

At times while using Outlook account you may have experienced a situation, where you have decided to delete some unneeded folders from your computer but by mistake gave command to delete important email folder that was really needed. At that moment you may question yourself that how you could let such a big mistake happen? Well relax and give yourself a break. Check whether the folder is moved to “Deleted items” folder. If it is not present there, then also you need not worry because the email folder is not deleted permanently. With the help of right tool, you are able to retrieve accidentally deleted email folder in Outlook. However, the trick to getting them back is to act as quicker as possible. Therefore as soon as you realized that you have lost that particular folder, stop adding anything and download any good PST file recovery software.

It is necessary to know some situation that could lead to loss of email folders, so that you can be careful while using PST file for the next time. Some of the instances are given below:

  • Improper Exit of Outlook Application: Sometimes Outlook email folder gets deleted because of improper termination of Outlook application while folders are still in use or sending or receiving process is still going on
  • Sharing PST File over Network: Sharing single PST file over network at the same time may corrupt the PST file. This happens because while sharing, users on other network may accidentally delete or modify your PST file which may lead to lose not only important email folder but also other items
  • PST File Corruption due to Antivirus: Sometimes antivirus software which scans your incoming and outgoing emails may interrupt the sending and receiving process resulting in loss of emails and email folders from Outlook

Therefore in order to recover accidentally erased Outlook email folder, you have to make use of an excellent tool such as Outlook PST Repair, that is has ability to restore email folders, which are unintentionally deleted or lost from MS Outlook PST file. It can fix severely corrupted, damaged or broken PST files on Windows OS. Along with this, it is able to fix password protected as well as highly encrypted PST files. During the repair process, it reads data from source PST file and helps to create new PST file without affecting the original PST file. The software is very easy to use and instantly deliver results. It can even perform recovery of other Outlook data including drafts, calendars, journal, notes, tasks, contacts etc. To check upon the working and authenticity, you can avail the free trial version of this repair tool.

You need to simply go through the instructions to make the repair process simple and easy. Download and install Outlook PST Repair software to your computer. Ensure that you exit Microsoft Outlook before conducting the repair process. Run the software and follow the instructions that you can see on screen. Three options will be seen “Open PST File”,”Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile”. Choose the option “Open PST File” if at all you know its location. To find the PST file, choose the option, “Find PST File”. You may use one more option i.e. “Select Outlook Profile” to open the PST file related to particular Outlook profile. Make use of Normal scan option for minor damage. When there is severe damage then use Smart scan. Now browse the location to save new PST file. After browsing the location click on “Repair” button to begin the scanning process. After scanning, the program displays the repaired files in an Outlook styled menu.

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