Saved Document Recovery


“I downloaded an attachment and forgot to put it into one of my Word folders; I started to work on it. As soon as completion of my work I used to click save option every time. However, at last without clicking on “SAVE AS” option suddenly I closed Word document. Later when I opened document, I couldn’t able to see those files and I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Is it completely gone or saved somewhere I can’t find it? Can I recover it? So please suggest me best solution”.

 Document is a textual electronic form of information which can be saved in a computer, laptop and other external storage devices as a file. These documents can be of various types namely Microsoft Word (.doc), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), Excel (.xls), Images (gif, jpg), Text (.txt) to name a few.

Users generally store docs in PC`s, USB drives and other supported external devices from where they can retrieve data safely. But do you think storing them in these devices will really preserve them forever? These documents are prone to loss / deletion due to various reasons. Some such factors are mentioned below:

  • Accidently deleting crucial documents saved on Windows system hard drive using “Shift + Delete” which erase document file without moving it to Recycle Bin.
  • While using Windows Disk Defragmentation utility one may encounter errors resulting in defrag failure, in such cases saved document may get deleted
  • Anti-virus software may delete saved document while scanning drive if the file is infected by virus.
  • While using cut and paste command, saved document may get deleted from the source location when moving process is interrupted due to errors.

Don’t be worried if you face any of the above situation. Because deleted/ lost saved document will be retrieved back with the help of file recovery software.

Utility to retrieve saved document:

Saved document can be restored from any storage device by employing significant File recovery tool on Windows system. It can retrieve EML files, DLL files, HTML files, DBF files, RAW files, JAR files and many other files from Windows computer. This tool has ability to recover Word documents, Excel sheets, compressed archive files, PDFs, Sticky Notes, generic media files, etc. of different file formats as well as it can restore folders and sub-folders holding different files saved in hard drive partitions. This program can also regain lost/erased/disappeared/missing from storage devices compatible on Windows laptop or PC. This recover saved document application can be employed on Windows OS based computers like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003.

Simple procedure to restore saved document:

Download and install  File Recovery software on Windows  System -> Launch the application and follow main screen instructions-> On main screen you can view two options namely “ Deleted File Recovery”  and “Lost File Recovery”-> Chose any one option to  retrieve saved document from Windows system-> On next screen utility will shows all logical drives along with physical drive associated with system-> Further, pick particular drive or partition from which hidden folders and files are lost -> Choose specific file type for recovering saved document from Windows system or else skip this step and precede with next step-> Further, application starts scanning selected drive and wait until  scanning process gets completes. it  will be seen through ‘Status Bar’-> Afterwards, software display list of restored files in “File Type View” and “Data View” options -> View retrieved  media files using “Preview” button ->At last, save recovered document to target location on Windows  system.




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