Undelete Files on Mac Mavericks

“Mac is the best operating system that can be installed on Mac machines. Keeping this thought in mind I upgraded my OS to new operating system called as Mavericks. After installing this OS I used to work on without getting stuck at any point of time. But, yesterday I happen to come across this scenario. I accidentally unplugged my external storage media when the files from my Mac system were being backed up using Cut Paste option.  After re-connecting the drive, I checked for the processed data but they were not be found any were. . . What to do now? Have they been deleted or lost? If so how can I recover them without causing any further loss of information? Thanks in advance.”

Things that systems user must keep in mind, data loss can incur at any point of time. There is no way it can be stopped, other than taking some precautions. After taking some precautionary measures, if you want to recover deleted files on Mac Mavericks OS, make use of Mac File Recovery software that can fix the problem effectively.

Some of the scenarios that lead to deletion of files from Mac Mavericks operating system are:

  • Accidental formatting of the hard drive can lead to deletion of entire set of files and folders that were present in the respective volume
  • Sometimes installation of unknown third party application can lead to deletion of important data from your Mavericks OS
  • Emptying Trash folder can lead to deletion of files that were saved in it for later use

Restoring Deleted Files on Mavericks system:

Mac File Recovery is the best application that can be implemented to recover deleted files on Mac Mavericks operating system as a result of various scenarios that are mentioned above. All that needs to be done is to install the utility and follow the simple steps that are present on the main screen software. Once the recovery process gets completed, user can view the restored list of files on the basis of File Type View or Data View. Apart from recovering deleted files from Mavericks operating system, user can also get back lost files from different versions of Mac operating systems like Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, and Snow Leopard. If any issues are faced during the recovery process, just make sure that you get in touch with the technical support team who will solve your issue in a minimum amount of time.

Follow the simple steps to restore deleted files from Mavericks:

Download Mac File Recovery tool in the system. Install the software by logging in as local system administrator. As soon as the installation process gets completed, user can view shortcut icon on desktop. Launch the program and follow the simple steps provided by the tool. From the main screen of the software click on Deleted File Recovery and then proceed to next screen. Mark the drive from where recovery process has to be carried out. At last, start the scanning process, after completion of which user can view the restored list of files. Save them to the relevant destination location as applicable to host operating system user.

Helpful Tips:

  • Install best antivirus protection to prevent virus attack
  • Double check the files before deleting them
  • Avoid installing unknown application in your Mavericks system

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