Why is My MOV File Freezing up?

“Hi all! I downloaded few High definition funny videos with MOV file format and saved them on my phone memory. Instead of copying, I moved those files from mobile to PC. Unfortunately, before completion of process I accidentally unplugged USB cable from system. since, then on playing those videos in computer, I could see freeze up at few clips of .mov files. Since, I don’t even have a backup for it. Can somebody provide a suggestion to overcome this issue? Help me to resolve this Please!”

It’s quite annoying to experience such kind of interruptions while watching some favorite clips like above mentioned scenario. But video freezing is not a newer problem to worry about because it is possible to heal it in easy ways.

What does frozen MOV file signifies and what makes them to freeze?

File corruption is the possible reason for video freezing. In turn, let’s see what are the reasons that leads to corruption:

  • Due to damaged video header
  • Interrupting video transfer between devices
  • Suspended internet connection during download process
  • Improperly terminating player application while playing/loading a video
  • On compressing or editing video files using unreliable third party application
  • Sudden shutdown of camera, camcorder or any other devices while recording a video
  • Using a single memory card (with Mov files) on different devices can lead to corruption
  • Frequently converting .mov files to some other file formats

Apart from video freezing, other symptoms for damaged MOV files are:

  • Sound plays but video is struck in the middle
  • Audio and video facing synchronization error

At this point after going through the causes and symptoms, you might be thinking why is my MOV file freezing up? Is it due to above mentioned factors? Relax and resolve this issue with the support of user friendly Yodot MOV Repair application.

Fix your frost .mov files using reliable mending tool

Yodot tool fixes corrupted MOV files that freeze while playing. It extracts frames from audio as well as video of a corrupt video file and individually mends them and binds them up. The application’s built in scanning algorithms deep scans damaged MOV file and repairs it without altering its original data. Not just MOV but file format like MP4 and M4V videos can be fixed using this tool. The utility finds no compatibility issues with Mac OS versions such as Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion Simple procedure to implement this utility is as follows:

Step 1: Download Yodot MOV Repair software based on your requirement

Step 2: Run the program after installing and proceed with further instructions

Step 3: Select the drive that contains corrupt .mov file, along with damaged file choose a healthy file recorded from same source device for reference. Make sure that both files were recorded using same camera or device.

Step 4: Click on “Repair” option

Step 5: After MOV file fixation, “Preview” the rescued files and save them onto destination location.

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