Why Is My PowerPoint Not Working?

“Hi, I am facing problem with my PowerPoint application after I did system update on my laptop. I am unable to open PowerPoint files, even though Word and Excel works without any issue. I have restarted the system a number of times and still PowerPoint won’t work. Why is my PowerPoint not responding? What should I do to make it run like before? Please guide me.”

Work-around the problem:

You need to verify these things first in order to find-out root cause of non-working PowerPoint:

1) Whether PowerPoint application itself is not working on your system?

2) Is PowerPoint not responding irrespective of file types that you try to open?

3) Verify if you cannot run PowerPoint when trying to access specific PPT/PPTX files?

Once you are done with above verification, you can discover what might be the cause for your PowerPoint not to respond. Here two factors might be responsible for your problem.

Case 1) If MS PowerPoint application itself is not responding/ opening on your system OR you cannot launch PowerPoint when you try to open any presentation file, then glitch must be within the application. When PowerPoint won’t find required files, driver software, etc after system update then it may fail to work normally. There are also possibilities like damage or modification to Microsoft PowerPoint suit that can trigger the problem. So re-install PowerPoint application, install adequate driver programs and try to open PowerPoint to access your presentation files.

Case 2) If above troubleshooting doesn’t fix your issue and you are unable to run PowerPoint application while accessing few presentations then problem is with these files which might be corrupt. So try to fix broken presentation files instead of thinking why is my PowerPoint not working.

Here is an easy approach to repair corrupt/damaged/broken PowerPoint files:

  • Download Yodot PPT Repair program
  • Act in accordance with displayed guidance
  • Once you finish and land at welcome page, click on Browse option
  • Select PowerPoint file, which is not working and hit Repair button
  • Open and verify fixed presentation using Click Here to preview file key
  • Click on Browse option, mention location to store healthy file and opt Save

Tool to fix when PowerPoint won’t open:

Yodot PPT Repair tool is an assured way to fix your PowerPoint files that doesn’t work / respond when tried to open. It is a reliable and secure approach of repairing damaged presentations in an easy manner. It has advanced repair algorithm that scans corrupt PPT/PPTX, creates new file, copies entire data on to it; thus no modification will be done to your original file. You can utilize user-friendly GUI of the tool on all Windows based computers running with any OS version.  Also the application is compatible with 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 versions of MS PowerPoint.

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